Want to see Twilight: Eclipse early?! Leave a comment below with your name, email address, and number of tickets you want to reserve. Read through previous posts for more details.



So, we are now 18 days away from the Eclipse release date.  And I'm sorry dear friends, but I don't think we're going to get to see Eclipse any earlier than that.  We just haven't had enough people reserve tickets.  I also haven't heard anything from Fairchild Cinemas in weeks, which means that they have no new info from Summit (the movie production co.) giving them permission to show it early.  They're keeping this release on lock-down essentially.  So, consider this a flopped attempt and go buy tickets for June 30th before they're gone!  Thanks so much to those of you who spread the word and tried gather support for this event.  Maybe next time!  As a farewell and a thank you, I attached another clip below:


Here's where we are at.  Fairchild has no idea what our timeline is.  They are playing phone tag not only with me but with Summit.  Only, Summit isn't returning their tags.  Fairchild still wants to do the pre-release screening if we hit 200.  So, I guess the best I can say is that Fairchild is still on board and until we hear otherwise from Summit, we keep pressing forward and try to hit our number.  I'm updating our current reservations above each time someone contacts me.  I know, it seems so far away still--kind of like summer with all this wet, soggy, March-like weather we've been having, it IS May, right?-- but it's right around the corner.  We can hit 200!  If everyone who has reserved a ticket sends three people here to reserve, we'll have this in the bag!  Come on, Twilighters!  Do your thing!


New Clips from Eclipse!

New Clips!!! Yay! Go here and here to see two new clips released from the upcoming movie. The first is a short scene between Bella and Rosalie. The second is a confrontation between Edward and Jacob. Enjoy!

P.S. Still waiting to hear back from Fairchild Cinemas. We keep missing each other and leaving messages. I'll let you know when I do. In the meantime, keep sending people here to reserve tickets. We're not in the clear yet.



Alright, folks! This is the list I've got for who has reserved tickets and how many. As you can see, it's not nearly enough. I've been trying to contact Fairchild Cinemas though and can't get through. So, I'm still accepting reservations until I hear otherwise from them. I know how quickly this can spread if it hits the right person, so I haven't given up yet and neither should you. Though I am getting nervous that the release date is a little over a month away. Check the list, make sure you and your friends are on it. I have contact information for everyone on this list except Tiffany Gaul, so if you know her, could you let her know that I need her email. Thanks, everyone!!!

Cherie Kendall 4
Brenda Martinez 5
Kelley Gubler 1
Alayna Shivers 2
Jordyn Darling 1
Valerie Coulson 4
Tiffany Gaul 7
Angie Gilbert 6
Korbi Ashton 8
Jessica Croft 4
Kim Redford 2
Michaelle Boetger 2
LeiAnn 2


I plan on calling Fairchild Cinemas tomorrow to see if I can nail down a deadline exactly. Keep those reservations coming! We're at 49, 101 to go!


On a deadline!

We're running out of time, fellow Twilighters. The movie release date is right around the corner. I was hoping we'd hit our mark with plenty of time to spare, but it looks as though that's not going to happen. The production company needs several weeks notice and we just don't have enough people. If we even had 150-200, we might be able to swing it. I don't know if the word just didn't spread or if there just aren't enough Twilight fans here in ML. So, if we can reach 200 people by May 18, we might be able to pull this off. If not, I guess we'll just have to see Eclipse with the masses on June 30th, rather than our own private showing on June 29th. There you have it. FOUR DAYS--> 161 MORE PEOPLE! Can we do this!?!?!?

First Eclipse Clip Released!

The first clip from Eclipse has been released! You can download it on iTunes or go here to Eclipsemovie.org.