Want to see Twilight: Eclipse early?! Leave a comment below with your name, email address, and number of tickets you want to reserve. Read through previous posts for more details.




Alright, folks! This is the list I've got for who has reserved tickets and how many. As you can see, it's not nearly enough. I've been trying to contact Fairchild Cinemas though and can't get through. So, I'm still accepting reservations until I hear otherwise from them. I know how quickly this can spread if it hits the right person, so I haven't given up yet and neither should you. Though I am getting nervous that the release date is a little over a month away. Check the list, make sure you and your friends are on it. I have contact information for everyone on this list except Tiffany Gaul, so if you know her, could you let her know that I need her email. Thanks, everyone!!!

Cherie Kendall 4
Brenda Martinez 5
Kelley Gubler 1
Alayna Shivers 2
Jordyn Darling 1
Valerie Coulson 4
Tiffany Gaul 7
Angie Gilbert 6
Korbi Ashton 8
Jessica Croft 4
Kim Redford 2
Michaelle Boetger 2
LeiAnn 2

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